my name is Alexandre Fumeron,
I'm a french photographer
and Filmmaker working for music industry, advertising, exibition and other fun project.

Music Artist

My main activity in photography is dedicated to the music industry.
I visit the concert halls to capture the artists in an exercise or they have no right to error.
A passion above all but also a real job. Find a selection of more than 500 artists photographed since 2011.


I produce various types of photographic reports
in festivals, exhibitions, events and weddings.


I work for brands and agencies to produce product shoots, social media content and advertising visuals.
(Air France, Ferrero Rocher, Adidas, Microsoft, Nokia, Elie Saab, Wunderman, and so much more.)


Here you can find different series of more personal photos made just for fun


Publication of my work in various national or international media.


If you want to know more about my activity, if you are interested in my work and want to contact me for one of your projects.